We offer tailor-made retreats for individuals and small groups which are specifically organised around their requirements. These are usually for one to five full days and involve a combination of forest bathing, spiritual walking and meditations in beautiful and inspiring locations.

These few days are all about immersing yourself fully in nature. Finding your own way to connect with the trees, the Earth, the rivers and the hills in order to find deeper meaning within yourself and your own life. Both Hrvoje and Alegra are very experienced at guiding individuals into deeply felt meditations, as well as providing the opportunity for reflective thought. They will support you to make the most of your time on this spiritual journey.

It is wonderful and inspirational to meditate with no other sound than the gentle murmuring of a little stream. To stand and feel connected to the Earth in a beautiful forest meadow surrounded by a circle of tall magnificent trees. To witness with joy, the birds flying high above your head with a view of the valley rolling out beneath you. To consciously walk through ancient forests with an open heart. These are all opportunities to really feel present and to authentically connect with nature. What a gift.

Tailor-made retreats are organised at a mutually convenient time for yourself, Alegra and Hrvoje. The cost includes accommodation and transportation during the retreat and is available on request.