The beautiful hills and forests of northern Croatia provide a perfect location for spiritual walks in nature. Long, medium or short walks in this special environment will refresh both the body and the soul. They also provide an opportunity to be mindful and to see the world differently. Taking the time to walk through green spaces will give you the chance to connect with both the wonder of nature as well as your inner self.

If you are searching for answers and inspiration then a spiritual walk, led by an experienced Meditator, can give you the opportunity to find that place of calmness and reflection that is so difficult to locate in the business of everyday life. Spiritual growth requires awareness both of the world outside and the inner world, therefore immersing yourself in the mysteries of nature is an excellent way of learning how to get in touch with your inner self.

We will guide you on how to use your five senses to ground yourself in the present moment; how to quiet down the active mind by focusing with appreciation on the natural beauty of the environment; and how to recognise and centre yourself with spiritual peace.

Spiritual walks are not hikes or rambles, they are an opportunity to walk at a comfortable pace, taking the time to reflect, to connect and to be present with the beauty of nature. They are a time for you to contemplate whilst walking, letting the natural surroundings interact with the different aspects of your body and your soul.

Walking in forests is particularly beneficial as trees naturally give off something called ‘phytoncides’ or ‘wood’ essential oils, which have a beneficial effect on our nervous systems. Mindful walking also reduces stress, boosts your energy levels and fosters gratitude and appreciation.

You can join us on the following walks:

6 day walking retreat

3 day walking retreat

One day forest bathing walks

Tailor-made walks