Hrvoje Papić has worked as a tour guide for almost a decade, guiding travelers to many beautiful places in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia. Whilst he was living in Canada, he experienced a deeper insight into spirituality and thus began his travels to ancient and sacred sites of the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, as well as to some other places that are endowed with the atmosphere of mysticism.

During these years of intermittent travel, he learned about the necessity of adding a spiritual aspect to his own guided tours with the aim to help others to experience deeper form of inner states that, once evoked, could potentially guide people on the path of developing virtues.

Hrvoje draws on many years of experience with meditation and practical spirituality that include the techniques of both East and West, such as mindfulness, vipassana, samatha, contemplative and mindfulness walks, and esoteric psychology.

His work is grounded in the palpable belief that the power of nature can awaken us to a higher life, and that anyone interested in spiritual growth can benefit from spending time in nature. This can be by going for long and short walks, sitting and/or meditating, swimming in a lake or a river, or by simply being open to the new while being centred in our true self. Hrvoje believes that the true self can be experienced more deeply while in the natural environment, and that the latter, as well as the wish to change oneself, creates a reflection for the Self to say – It is time to wake up!