Alegra Tricia Jenkins MBE works as a Spiritual Guide and Sound Healer. Based in Croatia, but operating globally, Alegra journeys with individuals and groups in a safe and supportive manner. Previously she was the first Director of the International Centre of Excellence in Educational Opportunities at the University of Liverpool, where she was internationally recognised as an expert on widening participation and social inclusion.
Her journeys take a variety of forms and are usually an opportunity to join a small group undertaking some form of retreat, ceremony or trip. The basis for Alegra’s work is the need to recognise that we are living in a time of transformation and this change is occurring within ourselves, society and globally. Alegra offers her services as an Elder and Spiritual Guide on the understanding that our paths might join for a period of time but all our journeys are individual and unique. She works through the concept of co-creation which is built on a desire for mutual learning and an openness of approach.
Journeying has played a very fundamental role in her spiritual path, which has given her a profound appreciation that it is only through healing ourselves that we can contribute to the healing of the whole. Walking and being truly present in nature provides a beautiful opportunity to have a conversation with the small voice within, this dialogue with the soul increases personal balance and harmony as well as being the focus for deeper global healing.
The healing power of nature is recognised within ancient wisdom and the opportunity to take the time to immerse oneself in the forests, hills and meadows is a sacred gift that is profoundly transformational. Walking with Alegra requires a willingness to travel deeper, to see the inner nature of things, to reflect and to learn….. and of course to have fun in the process!